That Pricing Lady | Create Communicate & Charge for the Value You Deliver

It's not enough to say it, you have to believe and trust that what you deliver is valuable.  Value yourself and so will your customers. ​Know how to do your pricing right.

​What you say and do in your business matters. Whether spoken or in print each word sets the tone. ​Speak with clarity ​& confidence and customers believe you're worth the investment.

Align your actions with your values, goals and your customers' needs. Develop your formula for ​pricing and let it guide what you charge for your unique genius and gifts.

Are you confidently communicating the value you deliver and charging your worth? Sometimes there's a voice of self-doubt that clouds our ability to know & charge ​for the value our products and offers deliver..
What's yours been telling you?

​Building the knowledge, using the right strategies, and having the skills ​to set & get the right prices will help you feel more confident. You'll start closing more deals with the right clients. ​

Your success as a business is dependent on you mastering the art and science of pricing confidently.

​Pricing confidently means you...

  • ​Set the right prices. You believe in and understand why they are what they are.
  • ​Have clear pricing strategies in place and know which are working best for you.
  • ​Know how to talk value & pricing effectively because you charge based on the results you deliver.
  • ​You've identified what gets in your way when it comes to pricing and are consistently improving.

The Pricing Lady

​Pricing is a challenge in most businesses. No one teaches you how to do it. You're constantly guessing what's right. And for many talking about pricing is uncomfortable.

​You want to feel confident so that you can close more deals and be more profitable. When your pricing is right, it can be that easy.

​Set the right prices. Feel confident in using them. ​Build a sustainably profitable business. That's what we both want for your business.

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