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5 Steps to Pricing Success

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​The 5 Steps to Pricing Success

 What You'll Learn in the ​​Pricing Success Webinar

​​What is Pricing

​​If you don't really understand what we're talking about it's harder to do. Find out what it really is. Learn ​3 ​ pricing myths that ​keep you from feeling confident about your prices.

​Why It's Important

Know the 5 ​reasons ​why it's important that you not only have the right prices but can communicate and manage them well over time.

​​​pricing Success

​​Learn about the 5 STEPS TO PRICING SUCCESS. Understand the building blocks of setting and getting the right prices. Get on your way to more profits.

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What ​Others ​Say ​About ​Working ​With Janene

Having the support to get pricing done right was exactly what I needed. There's more to pricing than I realized. ​You can benefit from working with Janene.

​Lydia Zimmer

​Founder, Literaturecho

I needed help creating and validating what to include in new service packages; also in understanding the “dos and don'ts” of price formation. She’s kind, a professional and follows up until the customer has the help they need.

​​Juan Lo Bello

​Educator, Wine Curator & Pedaling Genius

What a “Eureka moment.” ​I felt safe talking to her. She’s totally on your side. I now feel relieved and have peace of mind. ​100% ROI.

​Gunnel Breggen

​Life and Career Coach

Join this free, LIVE online introductory webinar.

 The 5 Steps to Pricing Success

​I'm Janene,​ let me be your guide

​Your most-trusted ​expert when it comes to ​value and pricing. I'm a pricing ​specialist, an entrepreneur and a ​championship public speaker.  ​Mastering what and how you charge for what you offer sets you free. You’ll know ​what to do with your prices as well as when and how to communicate them with more confidence. ​Dare to spend less time worrying about your prices instead spend more time delivering great value to your customers.

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