Build a profitable business. One you Love.

I'm Janene the Pricing Lady.

I'm committed to helping you shine.

You're a small business owner with a passion for your craft.

You dream of serving, of helping your customers - using your unique genius and talents to earn a living and create a life you love. I can help.

You also wonder... who's Janene the Pricing Lady?

"Working with Janene opens doors for people who want to improve. It's not just Janene, not just a course or coaching -  you get so much more."

Fanna Kong

Fanna Kong

Founder, CEO, Sino-Swiss Business Center

Hi, I'm Janene.

I'm the Pricing lady, committed to helping you build a profitable business you love.

I'm authentic, creative, strategic, and passionate about pricing. I believe in keeping it simple. I love a good challenge! I don't like reinventing the wheel. I enjoy finding simplicity in complexity. Most of all I care about you.  

I believe in you and your ability to shine.

What does that mean for you? I know how to help you master pricing in your business. How to speak with your customers through your pricing and about your prices.

I can help you shift from worrying about "if this is the right number?" to feeling confident that you're using pricing most effectively in your business to achieve your goals. 

I'm a Learner. Exploring new topics and ideas is one of my passions. I'm an Ideas person and enjoy the creativity of finding new ways to empower people and help them solve their challenges. 

I believe in the Individual - I see you. I see your talents & gifts and approach my work in the context of your values and your business. I also believe that "two heads" are often better than one.

I'm here to listen to what you need. I'm here to share my expertise & know how to help you get to where you want to go.

You'll also find (like many people do) my passion for pricing contagious. Careful when we work might just have a fun along the way.

It's been a windy path, but I wouldn't change a thing.

I began my career as an engineer. Designing buildings and spending my time on construction sites I learned about planning, problem solving and the difference between theory and reality (a funny story for another day). I loved many things about it, but it wasn't my passion. I needed something more.

Next stop marketing and product management. It was here I developed my skills as a marketeer and discovered my keen eye for improving how things were done. However, I'm fiercely independent. While I don't like reinventing the wheel I'm also not one to take the same path as others. I like doing things differently. My passion wouldn't be found in doing what everyone else does, but in being able to contribute in a unique way. Marketing wasn't my passion either.

Then I stumbled, into pricing. Literally a company hired me into a lead pricing position; together we discovered and built what that meant for us. I was in my element - learning and creating. It felt expansive. I was growing and creating value for the organization in new and exciting ways. It was so much fun! I earned my pricing certification. I discovered my passion.

I was curious about my new found passion. It was something not many people specialize in. Was the knowledge transferable to other industries? Pricing is so powerful. I even dared to wonder, could I start my own business? When the opportunity came I switched industries to something totally different, to answer some of these questions.

In 2014 things took an unexpected turn. While doing what I love and after working for nearly 20 years I was burnt out by the environment. I left the corporate world and through the recovery process, returned to the dream of starting my own business. I'd talked about it for years but never actually pursued it in a concrete way...UNTIL NOW.

Becoming an entrepreneur, my mission.

GOING OUT ON MY OWN. It's scary. It's also exhilarating!  During my burnout recovery I had a vision for my life that involved creating a new work environment. One healthier for myself and one in which I could help many rather than one.

During the transition from corporate to burnout to entrepreneur I discovered mindfulness - my saving grace.  It has helped me in ways I couldn't imagine and it's useful as I navigate the ups and downs of my own entrepreneurial adventure. It's as much a part of me as the rest.

Now I've put it all my experience together to help you in your journey.

My mission is this:

To help you know what & how to charge your customers, so YOU CAN BUILD THAT PROFITABLE BUSINESS you love.

I want you to understand the power of pricing. To feel the buzz of empowerment that comes along when we realize we've got a great tool that we know how to use.

Dare to dream.

Feel inspired.

Be courageous.

Live (and work) in harmony.

I only work with clients who:

  • I believe I can help in a concrete way.
  • I will enjoy working with and who will enjoy working with me.
  • Are willing and committed to do what's needed to create positive change.

That client could be you.

A few more tidbits...

My capacity to learn new things is a core strength. I'm naturally curious and enjoy discovering how things work or why something is the way it is. I can take a complex or technical topic, make it simple. In university I helped run some programs to teach children about math, science and engineering. It was some of the most fun I ever had. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others. 

Learning is fun

Yep! There's a certification for that while there aren't a lot of us out there, it's a growing speciality. In 2008, I earned my CPP from the Professional Pricing Society. I've also been a regular speaker at PPS and other professional pricing & marketing conferences and events over the years.

CPP grads Fall 2008

Photo courtesy of the Professional Pricing Society

In 2001, I was offered a job in Switzerland.  After some deliberation (a long story for another time) I said, "Yes!" I just couldn't pass up the life experience. So I packed and left on a 2 year contract, 17+ years later I'm still here. I'm also Swiss now. If German is your mother tongue then I can also provide coaching "auf Deutsch".

I love public speaking, it's thrilling connecting with a crowd, but I didn't always feel that way. Long ago I had a bad experience that left me shying away from speaking. In 2005 I joined Toastmasters. I went from knees shaking and voice quivering when I delivered my ice breaker to European champion in 2012.  I speak regularly on many different topics, including pricing. Find out more here.

I like to think strategically, make a plan and take action. I think this comes in part from my love of board games, card games and puzzles. Or maybe I like the games because of that. Anyhow, who would of thought my "geeky" interests would be so helpful. Make a concept a game or a song and I'll never forget it. Most of all I enjoy it because it's a time to switch off from other things and play!

let's pla

Just a few years ago, if someone had told my I'd meditate daily, I'd have said "that's crazy"!  But I do, every day. I'm a graduate of ENGAGE - a mindfulness-based leadership program from SIYLI. I occasionally run mindfulness programs, I speak about my mindfulness journey and enjoy sharing it with others. Thanks to my pod for being there!

Just a few years ago, if someone had told my I'd meditate daily, I'd have said "that's crazy"!  But I do. I was a graduate of ENGAGE - a mindfulness-based leadership program from SIYLI(Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute). I host a Basel based FB group on mindfulness. I'm also a guest speaker on mindfulness and occainsionally host local mindfulness events and workshops.