The Pricing Lady speaking at your event

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​My presentations are fun, motivating adventures full of energy and creativity. Most importantly audiences always walk away with tangible ideas and easy-to-apply learning that they can start using right away.

​​Public speaking is another one of my passions. I truly enjoy sharing ideas and connecting with audiences. Bring me in to fire up your employees, association ​​& club members, ​or convention ​& seminar attendees.  

Popular Pricing ​Topics

​The Impact of 1% Understand how pricing affects your profitability and why it's important to actively manage pricing in your business.

Profit equals growth, not greed Many entrepreneurs believe having a profit mindset makes them greedy, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Find out why.

four steps to pricing with confidence For solo entrepreneurs knowing what and how to charge customers can be a struggle. It doesn't need to be. ​

What does this price do for my business Too often business owners are overly focused on an all out search for the perfect price. More important than "is this the right price", is "what can this price do for my business". 

What does your price say? Your prices speak to your customers, to the market. Do you know what they are communicating? Find out what they say and how to use that to help your business.

Who's your main audience?


Here's my media one sheet, with topics targeted towards entrepreneurs for podcast interviews and speaking engagements.

small businesses

I'm working on a media sheet with topics geared toward small businesses. In the meantime contact me and we can discuss what would work best.

​It's a mix

​Maybe your crowd isn't full of entrepreneurs, that's ok. As consumers pricing is relevant to all of us and it can be a real eye opener to understand more about pricing. ​

​Ultimately if you're interested to have me join you for your next event, podcast, or meeting​ click the red button and let's talk!

​More ​Topics

​I ​​started giving speeches in University when I co-chaired a community outreach program geared towards teaching children about math, science and engineering. We gave talks called "Engineering is Everywhere" (not just to kids, but parents and teachers too) and "Paths to an Engineering Degree". We ran educational programs on electricity, earthquakes and aerodynamics for children.

I always admired those who could enjoy speaking in front of an audience. I didn't always (but that's another story). ​Over the years I've spoken ​in many different contexts on a variety of topics. Here's a few ​areas in which I regularly do speaking gigs.

  • ​Public Speaking
  • ​Mindfulness
  • Motivational

​I have been speaking in public and giving presentations for 30 years (even longer if you count "show & tell" in grade school and high school reports. Since 2005 I've been a Toastmaster and continue to build and hone my skills. ​Watch my speech "Caveman 2.UGH". A few example topics include

  • Core Speaking Skills
  • Content, Construct & Connect
  • Engaging with Your Audience
  • Story Telling Masters

​Think I'd be great on your show or at your next event but want to talk to more more about your specific needs. It's easy! Just hit the red button and let's talk