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Pricing When Your Offer Isn’t the “Magic Pill”


Episode 74 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 18.30 Central European Time) Pricing your offer is a challenge under “normal” circumstances but what if you offer isn’t like the “magic pills” everyone else is offering? It’s not that it’s not valuable it just doesn’t have that “sexiness” that others offer.  Should it?  What does it […]

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Time is Just the Wrapper Your Service Comes In


Episode 53 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 Central European Time) Time-based pricing: yeah or nay? One of the things that holds many service providers back in their pricing is the idea that the value of their services is directly proportional to the time it takes you to deliver the service.  Here’s what I say…”Time […]

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How to Keep the Price-Value Scale in Balance

How to Keep the Price Value Scale in Balance: Solocast (E55_Live with the Pricing Lady)

Episode 55 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 Central European Time) The price-value scale and what it means to pricing in your business. When it comes to customers asking for discounts the urge to simply say yes can be hard to resist. Let’s face it’s an easy thing to do. And (what feels like) […]

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