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Reason #10: Lack of Confidence

Factors influencing pricing - Reason #10 - you lack the confidence

​Pricing when done well, helps your business run more smoothly. However, setting the right pricing in a poor​ way makes your​ life difficult. One of the top 10 reasons small business owners struggle with pricing is ​they lack confidence in ​their prices. ​ Why is that?  What can you do about it? In this episode, we look […]

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Reason #9: Core Beliefs Are Getting in Your Way

Reason #9: You've Got Core Beliefs Getting in Your Way

Have you ever felt something is holding you back from setting prices or even selling things. Even though you may have the skills, the strategy and the know-how, you’re still struggling all the time. There is something getting in your way…Core Beliefs. They’re tricky because most of the time they’re blocking you without you even […]

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Reason #4: Pricing Is All About the Math …NOT!

Reason #4 - Pricing is all abut the math...not

​”I can’t do pricing, I’m not good at math.” This is something I hear often from people about why they avoid doing pricing in their business. Avoidance isn’t a good strategy, you might even argue it’s not a strategy at all. Your ability with math and numbers isn’t an issue when it comes to pricing. In […]

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I Don’t Know How to Set My Prices


​”I don’t know how to set my prices.” ​This thought (true or false) is what ​business owners often struggle with the most. Sometimes they don’t even realize it. In fact if you struggle when you’re asked what you charge, there’s a high chance that you don’t really know how to do it. Why do I […]

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Mindset & Money

Mindset and Money_ Discovering Courage Podcast

​One of the very interesting things about owning your own business is how your story, the personal journey you’ve taken to get where you are, has an impact on your relationship with money.  ​​That story, your journey influences how you get ​money, what you do with it, how it affects you and how you relate […]

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