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Pricing Lessons from The Gambler

The Gambler & The Art of Pricing

​There are many aspects of pricing that are important to a business’ success. Knowing when and how to adjust prices is critical to ​your relationship with customers, the market and your business results – your profit.  ​​Find out more in this video, ​The Gambler and the Art of Pricing.​Pricing Is More Than Just Price Increases​In […]

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Think About Your Prices Early On

Price written on a chalkboard, and underlined. Prices early on.

​I recently wrote an article for the Institut für Jungunternehmen (Institute for Young Businesses a Swiss organization) where I commented on how important it is to consider pricing in the early stages of your business. Too often companies large and small leave pricing until ​just before a product goes to market. There are however ​real […]

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(VIDEO) Explore Your Options: What to do When Your Customer Says “That’s Too Expensive” Part 3

Business women with white board in the background

​Know your options. When a customer responds with that’s too expensive, it can send your brain into survival mode. For some that results in getting defensive, for others they feel the urge to run and others even shut down.  Even a slight trigger can result in making pricing decisions that aren’t really helpful.   ​From the […]

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Micro-entrepreneurs: Master Your Pricing

Woman in suit holding blank business card

Starting a business is no small task. ​As an entrepreneur you​ have to ​create and deliver great products / services. ​You’re also CEO, CFO, Head of Marketing & Sales, etc… ​You may not need to be an expert in all areas but you do have to ge the job done. Pricing is one of those […]

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