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5 Steps to Making the Speaking Space Your Own

​When you’re the speaker making the speaking space “your own”, optimizing it for the audience and yourself, ​can help you deliver a great presentation. Last time we looked at ways to deal with nerves, and ​owning the space is one way to help manage nervousness.  ​Let’s go a little deeper into what this means and […]

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5 Tips To Help You Manage Nerves & Deliver a Great Speech

Channeling Nervous Energy ​Many people avoid and dread public speaking because of nerves. I know, I was one of them​. Now ​I find speaking in public​ ​fun even joyful – but that doesn’t mean I don't get ​nervous. ​In fact, I do. ​Most of the time I'm the only one who knows (whoops my secret is out) because I've learned to channel that energy into delivering my speech. ​How did shift from ​avoiding to embracing public speaking? ​MINDSET ​I changed ​my relationship​ with ​that nervous energy. ​My discomfort with public speaking​ was holding me back from ​doing what I really wanted to do​. I was NOT ok with that. ​In the end I realized that when it came to giving presentations I was willing to work through the fear, even lean into it fully​. I took concrete steps to learn how to channel ​my nervous energy into delivering ​something great. ​So can you! Here are 5 things I learned that ​can ​ help you channel the nervous energy that arises when it comes to public speaking. Breathing Exercises When I first started my nerves and voice ​were out of control. The pitch was all over; my voice shaky, unstable. Not only did I feel it, but everyone in the room could hear it and see it. Someone came up to me early on and said

​Do you get nervous in public speaking situations?​  You’re not alone, most people do.  ​Even​ the ones who are really good at it often feel that surge of energy. Why because we care; maybe even too much. ​​I ​love public speaking and I still get ​nervous. ​I​’ve learned to manage that energy by channeling ​it into […]

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Enjoy Speaking – How I Got There

Confident women speaking to an audience.

I didn’t always enjoy public speaking; in fact there was a time where it down right terrified me. ​Crying While Speaking In the early 90s I was in university.  As a member of the Society of Women Engineers I co-chaired the community outreach programs; regularly giving workshops, courses and presentations. It was club election time and the […]

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