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Mindset & Money

Mindset and Money_ Discovering Courage Podcast

​One of the very interesting things about owning your own business is how your story, the personal journey you’ve taken to get where you are, has an impact on your relationship with money.  ​​That story, your journey influences how you get ​money, what you do with it, how it affects you and how you relate to […]

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Where to Go to Ge More Visibility

Empowered Publicity with Amanda Berlin

​One of the things that can be most challenging in owning a business is gaining visibility, ​especially ​getting in front of your target market. ​There are many different ways to connect with your audience. ​In fact there are new sources popping up all the time; it can be a bit overwhelming. Visibility & Pricing​Being visible is […]

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Let Pricing Supercharge Your Brand

Branding the Experience Podcast Interview

​Pricing is everywhere. One of the things I love about pricing, is that it ​​touches nearly every function ​in a company. ​It fascinates me. That also extends to your brand. You can supercharge the impact of your brand by having prices that are in ​alignment with your brand. ​Everywhere you go​ (if you pay attention) you’ll […]

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Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur Podcast & the Pricing Lady

031: How to Create a Financial Margin to Give Back with Janene Liston

​Did you know, you’re frickin’ awesome? Me too!​I was recently on the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur podcast with Alissa Daire Nelson from Daire Success Coaching. She’s a specialist in Strength’s Finder. A concept that I really love and embrace fully. In a nutshell, ​Strength’s Finder all about focusing on and knowing your core strengths. I took the […]

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