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Pricing Strategy in the Creative Funding Show

Pricing Strategy Creative Funding Show

Do you struggle with Pricing Strategy but you don’t know why? ​Are you confused on how and what to charge your customers? ​Is this costing you time, money and a lot of energy? Recently I was on the Creative Funding Show interview hosted by Thomas Umstattd Jr. We discuss several situations and looked at the reasons […]

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Expat Business Hero: Are You Worth What You Charge?

Expat Business Hero: Are you worth what you charge?

Are you an Expat Business Hero? I recently was a guest on the podcast Expat Business Hero. Alex Congdon and I talked about some of the challenges of entrepreneurship and of course we talk about pricing.  ​Pricing and Worthiness We talk about the link between pricing and worthiness. Especially in service based business this link can hold business […]

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Mindset & Money

Mindset and Money_ Discovering Courage Podcast

​One of the very interesting things about owning your own business is how your story, the personal journey you’ve taken to get where you are, has an impact on your relationship with money.  ​​That story, your journey influences how you get ​money, what you do with it, how it affects you and how you relate […]

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Where to Go to Get More Visibility

The Pricing Lady Interview on Empowered Publicity Pocast

​One of the things that can be most challenging in owning a business is gaining visibility, ​especially ​getting in front of your target market. ​There are many different ways to connect with your audience. ​In fact there are new sources popping up all the time; it can be a bit overwhelming. Visibility & Pricing​Being visible is […]

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Janene on the English Radio Show

English Radio show Interview

Live on Radio X, it’s Janene the Pricing Lady. Listen to my interview on the English Radio show. I must admit that was the first time I was on the radio. It felt kind of cool. In this short interview, we discussed a bit about pricing and how I work with clients.  ​Scroll down to […]

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