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Sprinting to Success: Managing Stress Smarter

he Pricing Lady on Sprinting to Success Podcast

Sprinting to Success is the podcast show where Esmie Lawrence interviews women in high stress positions to understand how the manage and deal with stress so that it doesn’t over come them. She recently invited me to sit down with her on the show. Listen to Sprinting to Success.Olympic Athlete, Amazing LadyI met Esmie last […]

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Expat Business Hero: Are You Worth What You Charge?

Expat Business Hero: Are you worth what you charge?

Are you an Expat Business Hero? I recently was a guest on the podcast Expat Business Hero. Alex Congdon and I talked about some of the challenges of ​​entrepreneurship and of course we talk about pricing. ​Pricing and Worthiness We talk about the link between pricing and worthiness. Especially in service based business this link can hold business […]

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Self-doubt in the Way?

Woman feeling self-doubt

​Self-doubt hinders the soul. It can feel crippling at times; holding us back from doing and achieving what we want the most.  We may not all feel self-doubt the same ways, with the same intensity or in the same context, but we all face it from time to time…it’s part of the human condition.​It often creeps […]

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