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How Do I Know When to Change my Prices?

How Do I Know When to Change my Prices? | Livew with the Pricing Lady

Episode 57 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15.00 CET)Many clients ask me the question “How do I know when to change my prices?” I realize that they are asking mostly because they are afraid to do it. Often they know it’s time but the fear of losing even one customer is so horrible […]

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Self-doubt in the Way?

Woman feeling self-doubt

​Self-doubt hinders the soul. It can feel crippling at times; holding us back from doing and achieving what we want the most.  We may not all feel self-doubt the same ways, with the same intensity or in the same context, but we all face it from time to time…it’s part of the human condition.​It often creeps […]

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