You Are Unprepared for Pricing Discussions

You're unprepared for pricing discussions

​Pricing discussions can make or break a deal. The best way to get good at them is to practice. The more often you have pricing discussions, the easier it is to stay engaged in a constructive way. Don’t be afraid of them. Do take steps to handle them with more tact and grace. Watch this […]

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You’re Not Communicating Value Properly

You're Not communicating Value Properly

​Do you ever find yourself avoiding or procrastinating doing your pricing? Ever hear yourself say, “Ick!” For some people pricing is very uncomfortable. ​Believe me, you’re not alone if that’s how you feel. ​​ ​In this short video we look at the two main reasons why pricing might feel icky. How do you know if […]

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Why Setting a Price Is Not Enough

It's not enough to just set prices

​It’s not enough to just set a price. Pricing isn’t a one time thing you do and then let it be. There’s more to it than that. This is what we’ll explore in ​this ​video when we look at reason number 5, why you might be struggling with pricing.  ​Setting a Price Isn’t Enough ​At […]

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Expat Business Hero: Are You Worth What You Charge?

Expat Business Hero: Are you worth what you charge?

Are you an Expat Business Hero? I recently was a guest on the podcast Expat Business Hero. Alex Congdon and I talked about some of the challenges of ​​entrepreneurship and of course we talk about pricing. ​Pricing and Worthiness We talk about the link between pricing and worthiness. Especially in service based business this link can hold business […]

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Pricing Is All About the Math …NOT!

Struggle #4: You Think It's All About the Math

​”I can’t do pricing, I’m not good at math.” This is something I hear often from people about why they avoid doing pricing in their business. Avoidance isn’t a good strategy, you might even argue it’s not a strategy at all. Your ability with math and numbers isn’t an issue when it comes to pricing. In […]

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I Don’t Know How to Set My Prices


​”I don’t know how to set my prices.” ​This thought (true or false) is what ​business owners often struggle with the most. Sometimes they don’t even realize it. In fact if you struggle when you’re asked what you charge, there’s a high chance that you don’t really know how to do it. Why do I […]

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Mindset & Money

Mindset and Money_ Discovering Courage Podcast

​One of the very interesting things about owning your own business is how your story, the personal journey you’ve taken to get where you are, has an impact on your relationship with money.  ​​That story, your journey influences how you get ​money, what you do with it, how it affects you and how you relate to […]

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