5 Tips To Help You Manage Nerves & Deliver a Great Speech

Channeling Nervous Energy ​Many people avoid and dread public speaking because of nerves. I know, I was one of them​. Now ​I find speaking in public​ ​fun even joyful – but that doesn’t mean I don't get ​nervous. ​In fact, I do. ​Most of the time I'm the only one who knows (whoops my secret is out) because I've learned to channel that energy into delivering my speech. ​How did shift from ​avoiding to embracing public speaking? ​MINDSET ​I changed ​my relationship​ with ​that nervous energy. ​My discomfort with public speaking​ was holding me back from ​doing what I really wanted to do​. I was NOT ok with that. ​In the end I realized that when it came to giving presentations I was willing to work through the fear, even lean into it fully​. I took concrete steps to learn how to channel ​my nervous energy into delivering ​something great. ​So can you! Here are 5 things I learned that ​can ​ help you channel the nervous energy that arises when it comes to public speaking. Breathing Exercises When I first started my nerves and voice ​were out of control. The pitch was all over; my voice shaky, unstable. Not only did I feel it, but everyone in the room could hear it and see it. Someone came up to me early on and said

​Do you get nervous in public speaking situations?​  You’re not alone, most people do.  ​Even​ the ones who are really good at it often feel that surge of energy. Why because we care; maybe even too much. ​​I ​love public speaking and I still get ​nervous. ​I​’ve learned to manage that energy by channeling ​it into […]

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(VIDEO) 4 types of questions to ask when your customer says “That’s too expensive!”

ask questions

​It’s time to start asking questions, find out more, and get to the bottom of ​your customer’s hesitation. They did it.  After all the you’ve invested, your potential client responded with “That’s too expensive!”. There’s silence now and you can feel that little nudge of panic rising. But you know what to do because you know […]

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Self-doubt in the Way?

Woman feeling self-doubt

​Self-doubt hinders the soul. It can feel crippling at times; holding us back from doing and achieving what we want the most.  We may not all feel self-doubt the same ways, with the same intensity or in the same context, but we all face it from time to time…it’s part of the human condition.​It often creeps […]

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Enjoy Speaking – How I Got There

Confident women speaking to an audience.

I didn’t always enjoy public speaking; in fact there was a time where it down right terrified me. ​Crying While Speaking In the early 90s I was in university.  As a member of the Society of Women Engineers I co-chaired the community outreach programs; regularly giving workshops, courses and presentations. It was club election time and the […]

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Micro-entrepreneurs: Master Your Pricing

Woman in suit holding blank business card

Starting a business is no small task. ​As an entrepreneur you​ have to ​create and deliver great products / services. ​You’re also CEO, CFO, Head of Marketing & Sales, etc… ​You may not need to be an expert in all areas but you do have to ge the job done. Pricing is one of those […]

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