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Curious about how you can start charging customers with more confidence?

If you answered, "Yes!" this course is for you! You'll understand the 4 steps to pricing with confidence (see flyer). Each step gives you a little insight into small changes you can make to manage pricing better in your business. Better pricing means you profit - in confidence, customers, time savings and/or financially. Get started today!

​There are two ways to join, ​Online or in Switzerland​. Check out the next dates.  


​​8-​Week Signature Program ​​Online

​Speak, Believe & Charge Your Worth 

​The ​signature pricing course, ​Speak, Believe and Charge Your Worth, is all about setting you up to ​charge customers with more confidence and ease.​ This 8-week program includes four 2-hour live online webinars and four 90-minute Q&A sessions. You'll ​​understand the key areas of pricing ​and start implementing what you learn right away. ​

Bring your business to the next level by ​building your ​know-how ​in setting, implementing and communicating around pricing​. Start your journey towards ​a profitable business for the long term.


Contact me if you're interested in a course either online or in another town.