Complimentary Offers

Getting started with pricing can be challenging but it doesn't have to be when you have Expert help. Each of the complimentary offers has been selected to provide you support in a specific aspect of pricing.

Unsure where to start?

​Try the ​Pricing Scorecard ​it'll help you​ decide what to focus on next.

Pricing Scorecard

​The Pricing Scorecard will ​give insights into pricing overall in your business; ​what's working and where the biggest development opportunities are.

Getting Started Online Pricing Tool Kit

​While pricing is ​all about the psychology, ​businesses also ​need to be comfortable with ​the numbers. These tools will get you started.

Too Expesive Checklist & Videos

​Many micro-businesses struggle ​having pricing conversations with customers. Don't be caught off-guard the next time someone says "That's too expensive!"

Introductory Products

​Different people struggle with different aspects of pricing. Here ​are a few introductory products ​to​ ​get you started. Each one has be designed based on what clients ask me for the most and pricing best practices from my 20 years of experience.

Mini Pricing Audit

​​Get expert feedback and recommendations on your pricing page, landing page or a short written offer with the Mini Pricing Audit.

Williness-to-pay Survey Guide & Tool

​Want to know what customers are willing to pay? This DIY ​Guide ​& Tool ​shows you how to run ​a WTP survey and use the results. ​

Objections Handling Guide

​More successfully maneuver through sales objections, especially pricing objections with the Pricing Objections Guide & Scripts.

Others share their experience...

(Janene) helped me a lot, when I decided to raise my prices a few months ago. (She) gave me so useful arguments to convince my client that he didn’t even say something and just paid the bill! THANKS a lot!

Esther Bürki

​Esther Bürki

​Swiss Made Story

International Book Writing Expert

​It was absolutely worth every penny to know how to solve the pricing challenges you think are in front of you. ​Sh​e knows so much about pricing and it's so helpful to me and my business.

Terri Creeden Speak Believe & Charge Your Worth

​Terri ​Creeden

​Creeden Leadership Coaching & Consulting

​I avoided everything that had to do with pricing. Now, I believe what I do. ...what's happened is that my whole business is now on a different level. ​I highly recommend working with Janene because I think she can ​do the same for you.

Chirstoph Kirn, Wortschatz Testimonial Pricing

​Christoph Kirn

​Wortschatz, German Language Coaching for Architects