It Took Me a Long Time to Realize the Value I Delivered

Episode 56 | Live with the Pricing Lady (Thursdays 15:00 Central European Time)

"It took me a long time to realize the value I delivered."

Reality is if you don't value what you deliver your customers, chances are no one else will either.  

Too often business owners don't really believe in what they deliver. On the surface they say and do seemingly the right things, but at a deeper level that lack of certainty is silently sabotaging their efforts. In order to price what you offer the right way, not only do you need to know the value you need to believe it as well.

In this episode of Live with the Pricing Lady I sat down with special guest Joy Foster, Founder of TechPixies Ltd. TechPixies helps women upskill with social media in order to return to work, change careers or start a business.

Joy says about her own business journey, "It took me a long time to realize the value I delivered." As you'll hear in the interview her success wasn't overnight and it did take internal work get where she is today.

You're going to love this interview there's so much to learn and unpack. 

Here are the highlights:
  • 0:58 Getting to know Joy
  • 1:33Where her story began
  • 4:16 Her first business
  • 5:01 Business #2
  • 7:00 Ready to scale & grow
  • 10:12 Know your numbers
  • 12:18 How'd you know you were undercharging
  • 19:44 But I'm a social enterprise!
  • 20:40 The cost of free
  • 25:17 Be brave
Great quotes from the episode:

 "I think my first exercise in pricing was, I hate sales, I don't feel good enough to charge for it and why should I charge for something that I love?" Joy Foster

"One of the reasons that I targeted small charities with low budgets is I didn't think I was a good enough web developer to go for bigger contracts." Joy Foster

"I actually made it really hard on myself. If I had started with a higher price from day one, it would have been a lot easier than it ended up being. It took me a long time to go to get my pricing up to where actually the pricing covers the cost of the business. It gives us the margin to grow the business." Joy Foster

"When a woman says, and it's usually women, I just don't look at the numbers, that's the biggest mistake you can make because all of the answers are in the numbers." Joy Foster

"...when they want to hide from the financial side of their business, from talking and dealing with money and numbers, I liken it to putting your big girl panties on. You're a business owner and you need to understand those things because that's, what's going to keep moving you forward into the future." Janene

"Social entrepreneurs think 'I can't charge a commercial rate for my work.' Right? Because it's in the social space. It's like running a charity. A social enterprise is not like running a charity because a social enterprise is taking a social problem and solving it with a commercial idea. You are still a commercial business person. You just have a social element to you." Joy Foster

"Here's the lesson I learned as well. If you give someone something for free, the likelihood they're going to do it is very slim." Joy Foster

"I felt so comfortable and confident with the price that I was like, yep. That's what we're doing." Joy Foster

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