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The Pricing Lady | Living Without Fear

Living without fear. Is that even possible? Would we want to?

Sometimes we think that fear is the problem but it isn't always. It can lead us inthe right direction. Other times it steers away from something that isn't right. And yes sometimes it stops up from doing the things that we really want to do.

I had the pleasure to join Esther Buerki on her podcast Living without Fear, to talk about this and more.

I like doing things differently.

As I reflect on some of the bigger milestones of my life I notice a pattern emerging. Often I had the opportunity to do what everyone else was doing but I chose not to do it. To me that was normal. To others it was courageous. I think at times to my family it was...well a bit crazy.

I shared some of the decisions I made in this context and how I at times pushed through the fear. And in some cases fear didn't really register it was simply a case of "that's what I'm doing". My mind was made up an that was all there was to it. I would make it happen.

How I got into pricing, that's not where I started

Esther was curious about how I got into pricing. True it's not a common thing to do and it certainly wasn't what I learned in university. I started my career as an engineer. I loved going on construction sites and seeing my plans come together. Admittedly the first time I went on site to check that things were being built to plan I was pretty nervous - after all I was 23 years old, faced with seasoned contractors and construction workers. I did really love that hard hat though.

I can't say the fear got to me but it was preset at times. Then when I decided to leave that as a career path and figure out I wanted to do instead, that was also something that took courage (where I had to face some fears). Then later whether to go to Switzerland and a few years after deciding to stay. Such big decisions feel scary at the time and now I look back and chuckle at how afraid I felt. And the drama that I created.

And we talked about so much more...

Starting your own business can be very scary. I recall standing at the "edge" of the decision for a while. Peaking over the edge but afraid to leave behind the security of the corporate job to venture out on my own. This is a fear that I hear from many of my entrepreneurial colleagues as well as from those who are considering making the leap as well. 

It was wonderful to have this discussion with Esther and to reflect on how living with fear has played a role in my own life and development. Also to consider how I want it to figure into the future. All in all, I think living without fear would ironically be scary. It would be pretty monotonous and boring. For me the important thing is to understand when and how to lean into it versus when to listen to its warning cry. Both will guide me and it's up to me to decide how I let it.

Enjoy the show!

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