​How Do You Want to Begin ​​Your Pricing Journey?

​If you're a business owner you'll want to make sure you understand pricing and feel confident in what you're doing. ​​Pricing for micro-businesses...be certain you know what to do, when and how.

Micro Businesses Get Started with the Pricing Lady

Complimentary guides, videos, ​tools & other ​resources to get you started.

Micro Businesses Learn in A group with the Pricing Lady

Get a peak at the online group pricing programs ​& book a ​discovery call.

Micro Businesses Learn 1:1 with the Pricing Lady

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Learn to set the right prices & close more deals.

​You're goal is to have a successful business and serve your clients. The challenge is that you don't feel very confident about your prices and you struggle to charge for the value you deliver.

EVERY BUSINESS OWNER, that means you, must learn how to SET, GET & MANAGE prices effectively.
You have a choice. You can take the long road or the short road to get there.

Failure to get pricing right means your business will ultimately fail. Profitability, i.e. the health of your business, depends on the prices you set and how well you can communicate around them.

Over my 20 years pricing & marketing experience I've learned when it comes to pricing you have to ​build your ​PRICING KNOW-HOW, ​understand your PRICING STRATEGIES & ​know how to ​IMPLEMENT in them in best way.

​The simple truth is that pricing is one way you serve your customers, it's also an act of self-care. Allowing you to keep bringing great value to your customers.

​This is your pricing journey.

​I have proven ​thought processes, tools, strategies and systems that ​​will support ​your pricing journey. ​​You'll price with more ease, feel confident​, and starting closing more deals. Get started with pricing for your business today.

Others share their experience...

​I'd strongly recommend Janene to anyone setting up a business. Before our work I wasn’t sure if my idea of pricing was legitimate. After, I had a custom pricing model – now it feels like the right strategy.

Gesa Bury of Bury-Walz

​Gesa ​Bury

​Founder, BURY | WALZ Healthcare Brand Consulting 

I booked because I wanted to move forward supported by a professional. Pricing is so central to the survival of a startup. I needed help creating and validating what to include in new service packages; also in understanding the “dos and donts” of price formation.

Janene gave the time and tools to review my offering, plus a guide I can use in the future to adjust (or set) and communicate prices from a value perspective more confidently. She’s kind, a professional and follows up until the customer has the help they need.

Juan Lo Bello

​​Juan Lo Bello

​​Educator, Wine Curator & Pedalling Genius

​​​Worth every penny! Absolutely recommend any owners of small and/or large businesses to work with Janene, either ​Speak, ​Believe, and ​Charge ​Your ​Worth or any of ​her other programs. When you go into it, you think you're getting a pricing course and you get so much more, it really takes you through everything from ​A to ​Z ​She also helps you with the mindsets that you need to implement the accurate pricing...and the tools. It was so helpful to me and my business

Terri Creeden Speak Believe & Charge Your Worth

​Terri Creeden

​Creeden Coaching & Consulting