Pricing Tool Kit

Start building a profit mindset for your business.

Complimentary pricing tools to help you understand how your business decisions affect profitability in your business.

Pricing Tools_Profit Impact Calculator.png

First, you have to understand how your business decisions affect profit. This tool will help you explore that with just a few clicks.

Pricing Tools Makin a Living Calculator

If you're a service based business then time is a major constraint for you. Use this tool to explore the relationship between your time & what you effectively charge.

Pricing Tools_Price Change Calculator

An often faulty yet popular pricing strategy is to lower prices to increase volume. Do you know how much more volume you need? You must and can with this tool.

These simple pricing tools can help you start to explore the numbers part of your business. Many micro-business owners skip this part which is also why they lack confidence in pricing. Each of these tools will help you explore a different aspect of pricing & profit. 

Wondering where to begin? Well start with the Profit Impact Calculator first. With this you can play with price, costs and volume and see how changes your profitability. It's super insightful.

Others share their experience...

Having the support to get pricing done right was exactly what I needed. There's more to pricing than I realized. You can benefit from working with Janene.

Lydia Testimonial

Lydia Zimmer

Founder, Literaturecho

What a “Eureka moment.” I felt safe talking to her. She’s totally on your side. I now feel relieved and have peace of mind. 100% ROI.

Gunnel Breggen

Life and Career Coach

I needed help creating and validating what to include in new service packages; also in understanding the “dos and don'ts” of price formation. She’s kind, a professional and follows up until the customer has the help they need.

Juan Lo Bello

Juan Lo Bello

Educator, Wine Curator & Pedalling Genius