Improve Conversions

Optimize pricing communication 

with a Mini Pricing Audit.

Improve Conversions

Optimize pricing communication with

a Mini Pricing Audit

Edna Schur
Edna Schur

CEO, Clinical Lead, Founder & Visionary at Re-Source Institute AG

I can absolutely recommend Janene! She helped us to define and understand our services and the clients. It changed our mindset of pricing. It all works what she says. 

What You’ll Get in a Mini Pricing Audit

How you communicate price can be as or more important than the number itself. You want to know before you publish that page or send that offer that you're communicating value and presenting prices the right way.

With a Mini Pricing Audit you'll get feedback & recommendations on a landing page, a pricing page or a written offer (max. 4 pages). You'll be ready to...

  ➣  optimize your page/offer based on expert feedback
  ➣  use what you learn for future communications
  ➣  confidently publish your page or send your offer

Feedback & recommendations are focused on pricing communication & how you can optimize the...

  - structure / flow of your pricing communication,
  - content of the value communication, and
  - pricing psychology readiness.

While I'm preparing your audio file,  you'll get 3 instructional videos to boost your learning. The Mini Pricing Audit is ideal for startups and micro-businesses getting ready to launch a page or send out a new offer.

For just 297 CHF you can have peace of mind. Get actionable feedback you can use now and in the future. You're just a few clicks away from feeling more confident about publishing that page or sending that offer. General terms & conditions apply.

One last thing you might be wondering, "What if you can't help me?" Rest assured, if I take a look at your page and feel I can't add value, I'll refund your money.

After You Book

Complete the form & send me a link to the landing page, pricing page OR to the offer you want me to audit. I'll review it and send you an audio file with my feedback and recommendations.

Once You Get the Audio File

Once you get the audio file from me you'll adapt your page or offer based on the feedback and what works best for you. And you'll book the Q&A call.

During the Q&A Call

This 20 minute call is a chance to look at things with the updates you've made & ask me questions about the feedback and recommendations. Afterwards you can finalize and get it out the door.

About Janene

Janene is Europe’s most trusted pricing strategist for small businesses. She’s a Certified Pricing Professional, an entrepreneur and a European Public Speaking Champion with 20 years experience in product marketing and pricing.  She teaches businesses the strategies and actionable steps to set, get and manage pricing more effectively. Helping them build and implement the best pricing strategies for their business so they can close more deals and improve their profit. Although she’s living in Europe she works with clients across the globe.

Why They Recommend

Working With Janene

Don't take my word for it. Read what others have to say about working with me.

Sonja Michele Graf Testimonial for Pricing Lady
Sonja M. Graf

EU's Leading Thyroid Health Mastery Expert

Janene immediately saw my problem and guided me towards the answer. I give this lady a 5-star rating.

Terri Creeden Speak Believe & Charge Your Worth
Terri Creeden

Creeden Leadership Coaching & Consulting

It was absolutely worth every penny to know how to solve the pricing challenges you think are in front of you. She knows so much about pricing and it's so helpful to me and my business.

Fanna Kong
Fanna Kong

Founder, CEO, Sino-Swiss Business Center

Working with Janene opens doors for people who want to improve. It's not just Janene, not just a course or coaching -  you get so much more."

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