​​Speak, Believe & Charge Your Worth

​Better pricing ​= ​more profit = a healthier business. ​

Learn the basics. Build your confidence. ​

Get on the road to financial freedom. ​

Do you ​feel the pain of pricing?
​​​Get ready to stand up for your worth.

Speak, Believe and Charge Your Worth, is all about setting you up to charge customers with more confidence and ease - charge your worth. Step by step we'll go through how you can set, get and manage  prices effectively in your business. Next time you need to you'll know  what to do, when and how when it comes to your pricing.

Pricing is so much more than simply setting a price, but if you don't know what it really is then you can't benefit from the true power of pricing.

​Bring your business to the next level.

Building a small business is a great adventure and a big risk. But nothing ventured, nothing gained...right? Protect your investment. Ensure you know how to build a profitable business. Make it easier to charge your worth by building a profit mindset.


Get this straight...profit equals growth not greed. Too often ​we feel wanting to earn money is greedy. ​Not, so!



"​A client told me to attend this course - I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong! A week after the course I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction."    - Monika ​M.​​​​


​This online ​group ​program is for you if...

  • You'​re done struggling with ​and ready to ​start mastering ​pricing!
  • ​You ​feel pain & discomfort​ around knowing what and how to charge your customers.
  • You want a ​deeper understanding of pricing and how it can work for you.
  • ​You're just starting your business and you're not sure what pricing really is.
  • You feel you're working an awful lot but not earning enough.

Take a stand for yourself and what you offer. 


Embrace the Power of Pricing.

​Setting your business up for financial success in the long term is a main goal of any entrepreneur. ​Building your skills and ability to know what ​and how to charge your customers is a worthy investment.

learn pricing

​Know What Pricing Is

​Learn what pricing really is and how important it is to your business. Begin to explore why it's critical that you know what and how to charge your customers confidently. Build your pricing knowledge.

Deep dive into pricing

 Deep Dive into How

Using the ​5 ​Steps to Pricing ​Success as our guide we'll go through the basics of pricing from start to finish. You'll come away being able to set, ​get and manage your prices. You'll understand different pricing strategies and tactics that you can start using right away.

​​Learn by Doing

​If it isn't simple then chances are you won't do it. So, ​during the workshops we focus simple​ systems, tips and tactics that ​are easy to implement. Small wins will give you energy to keep improving and moving into more powerful pricing tactics.

Know the Right Price

One of the most important things in pricing is having confidence that you are charging fair value for money. By learning about pricing, what influences it and how to utilize it best you'll feel more confident. You'll build your intuition about what to do when and how. That alone is priceless.

"It was absolutely worth every penny to just know how to solve the (pricing) challenges you think are in front of you."

Terri Creeden, Creeden Coaching & Consulting


​The ​6 ​Modules ​Covered ​Over a
​​10-week ​Period

Getting Started with Pricing
Price Setting Part 1
Price Setting Part 2
Implementation Week. Price Setting
Talking Prices Part 1
Implementation Week. Talking Prices
Pricing The Right Mindset
Pricing An Aligned Voice
Implementation Week Pricing

​Each Zoom session starts at ​​16.00 Central European time and lasts for 90 - 120 minutes.


the journey to speak, believe and charge your worth

  • It's a ​​10-week online journey with ​​videos for the core content you can watch on your own time, live session that include coaching and co-working plus Q&A.  ​
  • ​Six live group coaching sessions - ​​ In each ​we'll do some live coaching around the new content helping you build your offering, pricing and value communication. 
  • ​3 live Q&A/working sessions at critical points in the program to support you as you use and implement what we cover. ​
  • Discovery sheets, scripts, pricing guides, and pricing tools & systems accompany each module of the program, supporting you along this pricing journey.  
  • Course portal - you'll get access to the course portal and content. ​​​​
  • ​6-months access to the course portal from the time the course key is sent.
  • Connect with other participants. Share and learn from others. Via the course portal and private online FB group you'll be able to connect with others and ask your questions.

Note: While recordings will be made of the live sessions you'll get the most out of the program by joining us live and fully participating in the co-working and Q&A.


​Program Content

​Modules 1 & 2: Setting Prices

Step by step we'll go through how to set your prices​. We'll use a 5 step pricing thought process and pricing systems​ to ​guide you through. Your prices will be based on a clear set of criteria that ​are relevant to your customers and your business. No more​ endless hemming and hawing ​about what to charge.

Price setting ​can be simple. The easier it is the more likely you are to sit down, get it done and move on. You'll know what information you need to set prices consistently and easily. In this module, you'll set yourself ​with a clear foundation for your prices ​so you'll know why the price is what it is and feel more confident about it.

Icon with two businessmen discussing business
​​Modules 3 & 4: Talking prices

How you communicate around what you charge is in many ways more important to pricing then the numbers. ​We'll make sure you know what your prices are saying as well as what to say in pricing discussions.

One of the most critical points is ​to be clear with yourself - about your goals, the messages ​you want to deliver and how. Too often ​businesses aren't clear with ​themselves and therefore can't be clear with ​their customers. ​

​We will look ​four areas. ​The link between psychology and pricing and the tactics we can use. The way in which you communicate prices influences what and how people think about them. Second, the messaging that goes with your prices - both the written and the verbal communication. Third, your "script" or process when it comes to pricing discussions and negotiations. Last, addressing the frequently asked questions (or frequent objections) you get from potential clients.


How you feel about things like money, wealth, math, success and profit are important to your pricing because they affect your mindset; mindset affects every activity you do.  A poor mindset will undoubtedly have a negative impact on what you do and how. The right mindset will empower and motivate you to make the right decisions for your customers and your business.

In this module we'll look at mindset from two main perspectives. First, we'll take a look at your core beliefs and how they affect the mindset with which you approach pricing activities. You'll discover what's helping you and what's holding you back from charging your worth. Then with some simple tools we'll help you build an understanding of the figures in your business and how your decisions influence your ability to earn money. In order to make money in your business you have to understand how these things work.

​​Module​ ​6: ​​ALIGN YOUR VOICE

How you speak about your business impacts people's perceptions. This goes for both day-to-day interactions as well as formal speaking settings. Your voice influences how they see you, how they see themselves working with you, and what they imagine achieving when working with you.  It also influences how you feel about yourself. Speak powerfully and you'll feel more confident. Speak powerfully and people will see you as a ​competent.

Your voice impacts what people are willing to pay. Be able to clearly ​engage people and communicate your value. If you want to charge ​for the value you deliver, you'll need to align your voice with what you want to achieve. Be clear. Be authentic. Stand tall.

In Speak, Believe & Charge Your Worth,  you'll build your pricing knowledge & the right mindset, set your pricing strategy and develop skills to implement pricing with more confidence. It's designed so that you can do the some of the work in our calls. Meaning you​'ll be able to ask questions as you're working on it.


Program Benefits

  • ​Learn how to set your prices based on the most relevant criteria & build prices
  • ​Feel more confident in your prices; know they're based on a robust thought process ​
  • ​Be aware of the messages your prices are communicating and optimize them
  • ​Be ready to talk pricing with customers
  • ​Know how ​ business decisions affect your ability to earn a living, enjoy life ​& build financial freedom
  • ​Get better quality clients at the right prices
  • ​Take concrete steps to build a more sustainably, profitable business

​Others ​Experiences

​It's always interesting to hear what others have gotten out of a program. Listen here as one of my clients describes the struggle he was having with pricing and how the program helped him improve his business.

Results do vary and different people are seeking different results. M​My clients know they ​need to improve their pricing to get ahead and are ready / willing to do the work to make it happen.

​"I avoided everything that had to do with pricing. I had this insecurity to speak for myself... ...now, I believe in what I deliver. My whole business is on a different level."
Christoph Kirn , Founder Wortschatz


Janene the Pricing  Lady
I'm Janene, ​I'll be your guide.

I want you to succeed.​ I ​can't ​ wait to lead you through these 12 weeks. ​

If you're ​an ​entrepreneur​ then you owe it to yourself to get you pricing right. It's an investment in your businesses future and your ability to earn a living and support your family. ​By the end you'll feel that confidence that comes with knowing you've got this.

I'm a pricing ​expert​ with 20 years of corporate experience.  I believe that within each of us lies all the wisdom we need to thrive in life.  Sometimes, we need a little support tapping into all that wisdom, developing new skills and learning to trust our intuition. This is what drove me to “pack up” my pricing experience and business know-how, step out of the corporate and into to the entrepreneurial world.

Mastering what and how you charge for what you offer sets you free. You’ll know exactly what to do with your prices as well as when and how to communicate them with confidence.  ​You ​spend less time worrying about your prices and more time delivering great value to your customers.


​After the course when I hear myself think, "But that's too expensive! People will never pay it." I stop and ask myself how I know that's true."

Vicki Kirn Arbuckles

​Vicki Kirn

​Owner Arbuckles Bagels


​Janene, who really is the Pricing Lady, did an amazing job delivering something that could be seen as boring and dull but necessary as interesting. She made it easy to understand and interesting. It left me pumped up.


​Monika Mueller

​Owner, Signature Five Image Consulting


Janene immediately saw my problem and guided me towards the answer. I give this lady a 5-star rating.

Sonja Michele Graf Testimonial for Pricing Lady

Sonja M. Graf

EU's Leading Thyroid Health Mastery Expert

Take that step. Take a stand. ​Take control.
​Join me ​​for the next online signature course...
​​Speak, ​Believe & ​Charge ​Your ​Worth.

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This is about ​YOU, ​TAKING A STAND and learning to ​CHARGE FOR THE VALUE ​YOU DELIVER. 

I look forward to having you join us.

What others say about ​their work with Janene...

​I'd strongly recommend Janene to anyone setting up a business. Before our work I wasn’t sure if my idea of pricing was legitimate. After, I had a custom pricing model – now it feels like the right strategy. 

Gesa Bury, BURY WALZ Healthcare Brand Consulting, Founder & Director

Gesa Bury of Bury-Walz

I booked because I wanted to move forward supported by a professional. ​

Janene gave the time and tools to review my offering​. She’s kind, a professional and follows up until the customer has the help they need.

​Juan Lo Bello, Educator, Wine Curator & Pedaling Genius​

Juan Lo Bello

​Janene is a great expert! Her knowledge is so large, and as she already coached so many clients, she has great ideas how to put prices without annoying your old clients when you want to rise your usual price. Thanks, dear Janene​ you gave me great value!

​​Esther Bürki, ​​International Book Writing Expert, Children's Book Author

Esther Bürki

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