Discover the possibilities  and power of pricing

​Charge for the value you deliver

Develop your pricing intuition and skill.
Know your value, charge your worth.

My dear entrepreneur...

Are you unsure what to charge your customers?  

​Doyou get flustered during pricing discussions?

​​Are you pricing in ways not aligned with ​your values? Goals?

Do you feel resentful because you work so hard but don't ​earn enough? 

​Wonder... can I deliver quality content, while achieving ​my financial targets​, and staying aligned to ​my values?


Many people think pricing ​is all about the numbers. Numbers are important but ​what really makes a difference is psychology.  ​First in the context of your mindset towards pricing related activities and in the context of how you communicate in and around pricing.​  

​Develop your pricing intuition and skills. ​

Know what and how to charge your ​customers for ​the value you ​deliver.

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Coaching Pricing Programs

You and your business are unique.  You want one-on-one coaching to establish the best ​pricing practices for your business. Find out ​how we can work together and book a free ​intro session.​

You and your business are unique.  You want one-on-one coaching to establish the best pricing for your business for the long-term. Contact me today to arrange a free 30-minute intro session to discuss your pricing needs.

Get started with Pricing Short Courses.  Explore specific aspects of pricing​. Develop the skills; learn what and how to charge your customers.​ 

Tada! My Business

​Setting prices

Talking prices

Get started with Pricing Short Courses.  Explore the world of pricing and develop the skills to start charging your worth

Tada! My Business

Setting prices

Talking prices

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Vast experience and an amazing listener

I worked with Janene in different areas of my self development and also pricing for my business. Simply put, she is fantastic. Not only does she have a vast experience in pricing, but she is an amazing listener. She sees every business and person as unique. For example, she showed me how to work with packages for my coaching business. We discussed how to position and talk about them; and I felt more comfortable with the thought of actually selling them. She is experienced, funny and a motivator. If you want to understand the value of what you are selling, feel confident and comfortable with what you are doing I recommend you work with Janene.

Claudia Raine Career Development Coach

Passion for the discipline of Pricing

I had the pleasure to meet Janene during a time when pricing excellence was in its nascent phase in our company. Janene was spearheading that effort, and through our interactions I was impressed with her in two noteworthy ways: her passion for the discipline of Pricing, and her transformation skills. Janene has a great ability to convey advanced Pricing concepts in a way that a heterogeneous audience (in terms of subject mater expertise) can understand, appreciate, and relate to. Also, her insights lead to actionable recommendations, which I witnessed being implemented at scale in sometimes initially resistive parts of a complex organization, thanks to her ability to lead the transition convincingly and with genuine leadership.

Mihai Teognoste Consultant

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