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We learn the most when we work together.  Collectively we are more powerful than individually - let's support and inspire one another.


Let me help you, help yourself. The discovery sheets provide simple, practical activities to help you explore the topics, plan your actions and inspire you to get started.  Powerful learning comes from giving it a try.


Understand why, how and what to do when it comes to charging your worth - explore what works best. Develop the skills and confidence to act in a way that's good for you and your customers.


Shifting mindset is scary and liberating. Pricing is creative and fun. Feel inspired and excited to step outside your comfort zone and stand up for your value.

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​In this pricing short course, explore what you want, what's holding you back and how to get there. Set the stage for your success.


 Micro-entrepreneurs who...

  • Are just starting or in the early stages of their business and want to start right
  • Struggle to meet their financial objectives and want to explore why.
  • Want to understand how price influences them, their business and their customers


Develop a profit mindset.

  • Learn what pricing is & isn't
  • Know the impact of pricing on you & your business
  • Explore what hinders you from charging your worth
  • Build a basic financial plan

Course Content

The goal of Let's Get Clear is to help you understand pricing & develop profit mindset.

​The ​Importance of ​Mindset

​Your mindset is critical when it comes to you knowing what and how to charge your customers. It's the first step in pricing with confidence. In Let's Get Clear our goal is to begin shifting your mindset towards building a profitable business - one that's aligned with your goals and values.

​Pricing ​What & ​Why

We begin by setting a common understanding of what pricing is and isn't. We'll address some common misconceptions and cover a few, important definitions.  ​You'll understand how ​pricing affects your profit and how you work.  Explore how knowing ​these things can help you start to shift your thinking and your actions.

​What's Holding Me Back

Here we'll take some time to reflect on what's really holding us back from charging our worth.  Progress almost always begins with awareness and once we understand what's in the way we can figure out how to work with and/or move beyond it. 

​Comfy with Numbers

It's time to take a look at the big picture and get ​comfortable with those numbers. See how they influcenc your business and get set for success.​ ​​As a bonus you'll get a simple, yet powerful planning tool to help you understand​ how pricing influences the outcome and is influenced by our goals.

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Vast experience and an amazing listener

I worked with Janene in different areas of my self development and also pricing for my business. Simply put, she is fantastic. Not only does she have a vast experience in pricing, but she is an amazing listener. She sees every business and person as unique. For example, she showed me how to work with packages for my coaching business. We discussed how to position and talk about them; and I felt more comfortable with the thought of actually selling them. She is experienced, funny and a motivator. If you want to understand the value of what you are selling, feel confident and comfortable with what you are doing I recommend you work with Janene.

Claudia Raine Career Development Coach