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The Pricing Lady -  Europe's most trusted pricing expert for small businesses.

Janene is a Certified Pricing Professional, an entrepreneur and a European Public Speaking Champion with 20 years experience in product marketing and pricing. She teaches business owners the strategies and actionable steps to set, get and manage pricing with more confidence - so they can charge the right price and close more deals.

Janene has been a speaker at conferences, seminars, in organizations and clubs, including the Professional Pricing Society, European Business Conferences Group, Axians Ag, Institute für Jungunternehmen, Startup Academy and many more. Her presentations and workshops cover topics like price setting, pricing communication, and pricing psychology - all with the goal of helping small businesses build pricing knowledge, strategies and skills. She’s also been a regular guest on radio and podcast shows from across the globe.

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​When Janene speaks, audiences walk away with tangible ideas and easy-to-apply learnings they use immediately to make meaningful, measurable improvements. She loves to challenge audiences to think differently and always sprinkles a bit of humor and fun into what she does.
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​What organizers have to say...


​I'm always looking for speakers who can "handle the stage". And with that I mean, speakers who not only deliver a clear message but also, and very importantly, engage with the audience. And Janene does that with grace, humour and professionalism. And, professionalism starts a long way before the event.

Tulia Lopez

​Tulia Lopes

​Founder, Speak Up & Lead Academy


​I wanted Janene on the show for two reasons. Her knowledge about money matters and her compelling story of taking chances and stepping outside her comfort zone. Janene is a thoughtful guest, answers the questions in a clear and powerful way. She’s genuine and not afraid to be vulnerable. It’s these qualities that make her a great guest for podcasts and other speaking events.

Patricia C. Brooks

​Patricia C. Brooks

​Host of Discovering Courage Podcast


​Janene has been a valued speaker at our conferences and a very valued partner of our organization. Janene possesses a great deal of knowledge about pricing management, pricing strategy, and several related fields; she is well known as an expert and a leader within the pricing discipline.


​Kevin Mitchell

​CEO Professional Pricing Society

​What Janene Speaks About

​Profit Equals Growth, Not Greed

Building a Profitable Business While Serving Your Higher Purpose

Do you believe a profit mindset makes you greedy? Wrong, it makes you smart! A profit mindset is essential to your business’ ability to grow and to thrive. Audience value add: Stop sabotaging your best pricing efforts. Learn to build and integrate a profit mindset into your business. Caution: for savvy entrepreneurs only!

​Stop Whispering, ​Start Shouting

How To Talk About What You Charge & Be Comfortable Doing So

​Claim your worth, discuss price the right way. Entrepreneurs often shyly sit back wishing for customers who’ll buy without discussing price. Wishing isn’t a strategy, being prepared is. Audience value add: Get ready to answer the 2 most asked questions. Feel empowered by, not afraid of price discussions. Own your value. Shout it from the rooftops.

​​Pricing Secrets​ Exposed

​The Psychology of What Your Prices Are Really Saying

How do your prices “speak” to your customers? Stop wasting your time worrying about the right price. Focus on what the price you set, can do. Audience value add: Discover how your prices influence perceptions. Understand pricing psychology and simple tactics you can use. Dare to do it better than the rest.

​The Pricing Prescription

​Understand What Customers Truly Value & Have the Courage to Charge for It

If you don't understand what customers value, you'll never set the right price. How can you when price is only relevant in the context of value. ​To stop your pricing pain the Pricing Lady prescribes…​value pricing. Audience value add: Learn 4 ways to extract the value that’ll help you set and communicate prices you have the courage to stand behind.

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​Janene was able to inspire our entire team for the topic of pricing and its important impact, so that even afterwards there was still much talk about it as well. If we have any further questions about pricing, we would not hesitate to contact.

Katharina Eckert

​​Katharina Eckert



We chose Janene because of her reputation and extensive ​pricing experience. She understands the pricing challenges and questions many of our startups and young businesses face. Not only can I recommend Janene as THE PRICING SPECIALIST, but she’s an excellent speaker, with an ability to convey her message in a structured and understandable way.

Markus Fischer

​​Markus Fischer

​​Business Manager, Startup Academy Switzerland


​​Janene has a relaxed and confident style backed up by her real world experience in her area of expertise...

..and she’s fun!

Alex Congdon

​Alex Congdon

​Business Coach & Host ​of Expat Business Hero