Talking pricing with your customers

Wonder what to do when your customer says 

"That's too expensive!"

Wonder no more. Find out what they're really saying and what to do about it in this 3-part video series. ​Bonus: after the last video you'll get a checklist. 

Next time a customer says it's too expensive, be ready for the conversation.


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Janene the Pricing Lady

​I'm Janene, let me be your guide.

I'm a pricing expert, an entrepreneur and an engaging speaker.  I believe that within each of us lies all the wisdom we need to thrive in life.  Sometimes, we need a little support tapping into all that wisdom, developing new skills and learning to trust our intuition. This is what drove me to “pack up” my pricing experience and business know-how, step out of the corporate and into to the entrepreneurial world.

Mastering what and how you charge for what you offer sets you free. You’ll know exactly what to do with your prices as well as when and how to communicate them with confidence.  Meaning you spend less time worrying about your prices and more time delivering great value to your customers.