Ever ask yourself

how much are my customers willing to pay?

My DIY guide & tool for willingness-to-pay will help you get answers.
This 11-page guide gives you step-by-step instructions to prepare and run your own willingness-to-pay survey. Plus you get a fantastic and simple tool to help you understand the results.

As a result of running your own WTP survey you'll...

➣ Better understand how much customers are willing to pay;

➣ Know what your potential customers perceive as too high or too low of a price;

➣ See how effectively you’re communicating the value of what you deliver;

➣ Gain valuable customer insight that can be used in your price setting;

➣ Feel more confident in the prices you set, because they're based on concrete feedback.

Stop guessing what customer's think is a fair price. Find out for yourself.

It's time you understand how much your 
customers Are willingness-​To-​Pay.

For just 197 CHF. A small investment that brings so much value.

Imagine what you can achieve when you understand your customers in this way.


​​Curious to know more about a Willingness-to-Pay survey and how it might work?

Watch this video​

with Chris from Course Rebel and myself to find out more.

Note: In the video I mention an instruction and guidebook. To make it easier for you this is now one document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's this ideal for?

Can't I just ask them what they want to pay?

Why should I run a WTP survey?

What do I need to run a WTP survey?

​Do I need actual paying customers or can I use potential customers?

Do I need any expensive tools to do this?

What is willingness-to-pay?

How much time will it take to get results?

What if I change my price based on the results and it doesn't work, do I get my money back?

Do you work with me one to one?

GET YOUR GUIDE to understanding
customers willingness-to-pay now!

A small investment of 197CHF gives you the tool and  a complete guide to running your own survey.

Janene the Pricing Lady

​I'm Janene, let me be your guide.

I am Europe’s most trusted pricing expert for small businesses. I'm a Certified Pricing Professional, an entrepreneur and a European Public Speaking Champion with 20 years experience in product marketing and pricing. Business owners hire me in order to learn the strategies and actionable steps to set, get and manage pricing with more confidence - so that they can charge the right price and close more deals.

With a better understanding of pricing and an improved relationship to profit, business owners gain a newfound confidence in their prices that allows them to get more and/or higher paying clients while growing their profit. They are ready to stand up for the value they deliver, charge the right prices and build the bridge to financial freedom. Watch out… My passion for pricing is contagious.