Do you ​​find it difficult...
​Pricing What You Sell?

​​If so, this ​is the course ​to get you started. ​Begin feeling more confident about what and how you charge your customers.  Pricing is so much more than simply setting a price, but if you don't know what it really is then you can't benefit from the true power of pricing.

​Pricing What You Sell is a ​​an introductory course that'll help you understand pricing, what it is, how it ​can work for your business and figure out where to focus first. ​Explore and understand the four steps to pricing with confidence. Watch this video for more information.

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"​A client told me to attend this course - I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong! A week after the course I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction."    - Monika ​M.​​​​


This ​is for you if...

You struggle to know what and how to charge your customers.

​You're just starting your business and you're not sure what pricing really is.

You feel you're working an awful lot but not earning enough.


​​Don't fear charging your customers.

Embrace the Power of Pricing.
​​Feel empowered!

​This is your chance.

Learn how you can set your business up for long term financial success.

​Get to know what it takes to truly leverage the power of pricing.

learn pricing

​​Learn What Pricing Is

​Learn what pricing really is and how important it is to your business. Begin to explore why it's critical that you know what and how to charge your customers confidently.

icon 4 steps

​​Understand the 4 Steps

​​In order to master pricing in your business you need to understand the 4 steps to pricing with confidence. These steps will also help you investigate where you should focus first to get the most benefit.

​Get Practical Tips

​​If it isn't simple then chances are you won't do it. So, in this course we focus on a few simple tips and tactics that will get you started on your pricing journey. Small wins will give you energy to keep improving.


Janene the Pricing Lady

​I'm Janene, let me be your guide.

I'm a pricing expert, an entrepreneur and an engaging speaker.  I believe that within each of us lies all the wisdom we need to thrive in life.  Sometimes, we need a little support tapping into all that wisdom, developing new skills and learning to trust our intuition. This is what drove me to “pack up” my pricing experience and business know-how, step out of the corporate and into to the entrepreneurial world.

Mastering what and how you charge for what you offer sets you free. You’ll know exactly what to do with your prices as well as when and how to communicate them with confidence.  Meaning you spend less time worrying about your prices and more time delivering great value to your customers.


Learn more about
Pricing What You Sell
Take that step and join me today!

​This is ​about you, taking a stand and learning to charge your worth. 

​​I look forward to having you join us.​



Kevin Mitchell President, Professional Pricing Society (PPS)

An Expert and a Leader Within the Pricing Discipline

I have had the pleasure of interacting with Janene Liston at several PPS events across the globe. She has been a valued speaker at our conferences and a very valued partner of our organization. Janene possesses a great deal of knowledge about pricing management, pricing strategy, and several related fields; she is well known as an expert and a leader within the pricing discipline.

Fanna Kong Founder, CEO, Sino-Swiss Business Center

I knew that's who could help me

I met Janene at our Toastmasters club. Watching her speeches I saw what it looks like to give 100% and I witnessed her evolution and dedication. I KNEW that's who could help me - she delivers the whole package.

There were two big insights in working with her. First, preparing a little earlier changes the outcome of my speeches. When I know the content, I can focus better on fine tuning the delivery. Second, to only speak on topics dear to my heart.

She has a wonderful ability to provide useful feedback. Her feedback is valid, she can express why she thinks it can help and how. It's always delivered compassionately. Janene has a gift to open doors for people who want to improve.

Mihai Teognoste Consultant

Passion for the discipline of Pricing

I had the pleasure to meet Janene during a time when pricing excellence was in its nascent phase in our company. Janene was spearheading that effort, and through our interactions I was impressed with her in two noteworthy ways: her passion for the discipline of Pricing, and her transformation skills. Janene has a great ability to convey advanced Pricing concepts in a way that a heterogeneous audience (in terms of subject mater expertise) can understand, appreciate, and relate to. Also, her insights lead to actionable recommendations, which I witnessed being implemented at scale in sometimes initially resistive parts of a complex organization, thanks to her ability to lead the transition convincingly and with genuine leadership.

Monika Mueller Image Consultant

I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong!

Before this course I knew my self-worth but didn't think people would be willing to pay that price. I was too nervous to increase my prices. A week after the course I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction.

I was undervaluing myself by over delivering and spending more time then stated with clients. As much as I love what I do, it started leaving me slightly frustrated. I had a few clients telling me that for what I give I should increase my price. I was worried if I did I wouldn't get any clients. A client told me to attend this course - I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong! The course was fascinating.

Janene, who really is the Pricing Lady, did an amazing job delivering something that could be seen as boring and dull but necessary as interesting. She made it easy to understand and interesting. It left me pumped up. She was poised, eloquent and succinct. I would definitely recommend Janene to any start ups or any one who is having issues with getting their prices right.

Claudia Raine Career Development Coach

Vast experience and an amazing listener

I worked with Janene in different areas of my self development and also pricing for my business. Simply put, she is fantastic. Not only does she have a vast experience in pricing, but she is an amazing listener. She sees every business and person as unique. For example, she showed me how to work with packages for my coaching business. We discussed how to position and talk about them; and I felt more comfortable with the thought of actually selling them. She is experienced, funny and a motivator. If you want to understand the value of what you are selling, feel confident and comfortable with what you are doing I recommend you work with Janene.

Olga Quesada Marketing

Eye opening the whole way

Janene explains things in a detailed yet easygoing way. She helped me understand prices in a different light that I never would have even thought about it. Before I thought there was one price for almost everything, now I know how to build packages with different prices and actions. I learned about my relationship with money. It was an eye opening the whole way.

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