Curious about how we ​might work together?  

Here's a few ways we can get started.

​Explore Your Money Mindset

​If you're feeling stuck, it could be your money mindset, beliefs and habits. ​In this 75-minute coaching session, you'll discover ​how they affect your ability to know what and how to charge customers. ​We'll set concrete actions to help you start overcoming ​what's holding you back​. ​Often what ​keeps us from moving forward the most is our mindset - so, ​let's start there!

​​Build a Pricing road map

​Let's build ​your​​​​ plan! We'll look at what you've got now, where you are and where you want to go - then build from there.  In this half-day coaching session, we​'ll assess your current pricing strategy and identify where ​you can make improvements.  ​At the end of the session you'll have a roadmap​ to ​guide you ​in ​​fine-tuning your pricing strategy to the next level.

Together we'll work through pricing blindspots, what's holding you back and what's keeping you up at night. You have all you need to achieve your dreams I'm here to help take steps to get there. Value yourself and your services - so you can speak, believe and charge your worth with confidence.
​​​Speak, Believe & Charge Your Worth

​the signature package

​​Here we put it all together (pricing, speaking and presence) and spend ​6 months working together ​to build ​your skills and ​"courafidence". We'll work ​on​ goals, what's holding you back, pricing setting, and communication. ​We'll dig into the value you deliver and how ​connect with your customers.  ​All so you can speak, believe and charge your worth with confidence.

​​In the ​strategy call we'll...
  • ​Review what's working (successes) and what's not (pain points)
  • ​Explore the vision of what you want and where you want to go​
  • ​Identify a couple of ​actions you cant take and ​use right away in your business
  • ​Discuss a blueprint of how we can work together