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Building a small business is a great ​adventure and a big risk. But nothing ventured, nothing gained...right? Protect your investment. Ensure you know how to build a profitable business.

You didn't start your business to go broke, you started ​because you have something wonderful to offer the world and you want earn a living serving your customers. In order for your biz to be self-sustaining you'll need to earn a profit.

Get this straight...profit equals growth not greed. Too often entrepreneurs feel wanting to earn money is greedy. That's simply not true. Find out more in this video.


​Now that we've gotten that straightened out, this is the journey you'll embark upon.

4 Steps to Pricing with Confidence
4 Steps to Pricing with Confidence

It's time ​to start taking important steps to ​focus on profitability. That's what ​the Speak, Believe and Charge Your Worth signature programs are all about.  ​You'll learn new skills​ ​that'll help you truly understand pricing in your business. ​Build your intuition around ​knowing what and how to charge customers. ​Create simple, yet powerful systems that make it easier for you to implement and manage pricing.

​With the four steps ​to pricing with confidence as our ​guide​​, ​you'll build the right mindset and expand your skill-set. ​​We'll demystify pricing, so that you can set prices, clearly communicate your value​​​ and charge customers with less fear. Take full advantage of the power of pricing in your business today!

Why should you join the program?

​There are many benefits to ​embarking on a pricing journey ​for your business. Most importantly, it's to ​build your ​know-how ​in setting, implementing and communicating around pricing so that you can have a profitable business for the long term.  ​The skills you learn and systems you'll implement will empower you to:

  • Build a profit-mindset and get comfortable with the money part of your business
  • ​Speak about your business and the value you bring customers ​confidently ​and ​in a way that's aligned with what you charge
  • ​More easily set and manage ​fit for purpose prices ​based on a clear strategy. Understand how to review​, adjust and implement price changes.
  • Communicate around pricing like a pro. Feel confident that you know what to say and communicate with integrity and value - for yourself and your customers.

Course Content​

​Depending upon which type of program you choose (online group, in-person group or one-on-one coaching) ​we'll go through each of the four modules in-depth. ​In each module there are loads of tools, tips, tactics and systems for you to choose from and implement into your business. In some cases ​we'll practice certain techniques so that you build skill and confidence as well immediately start using the techniques in your business.

​Let's Get Clear

We start it all by building the right mindset. ​​How you feel about things like money, wealth, math and profit are important to your pricing because ​they affect your mindset; ​mindset affects every pricing-related activity you do.  ​A poor mindset will undoubtedly have a negative impact on what you do and how. The right mindset ​will empower and motivate you to ​make ​the right decisions for your customers and your business.

​In this module we'll look at mindset from to main perspectives. First, we​'ll take a look at your core beliefs and how they affect the mindset with which you approach pricing activities. You'll discover what's helping you and what's holding you back. Then with some simple tools we'll help you build an understanding of the figures in your business and how your decisions influence your ability to earn money.​ ​In order to make money in your business you have to understand how these things work.

​Ta-Da! My Business

How you speak about your business impacts people's perceptions. This goes for both day-to-day interactions as well as formal speaking settings. Your voice influences how they see you, how they see themselves working with you, and what they imagine achieving when working with you.  It also influences how you feel about yourself. Speak powerfully and you'll feel more confident. Speak powerfully and people will see you as a powerful ally.

Your voice therefore also impacts what people are willing to pay. Be able to clearly and powerfully communicate your value. If you want to charge certain prices you'll need to align your voice with what you want to achieve. Be clear. Be authentic.

In this module, we'll work on your verbal messaging, delivery and some basic structures you can use to deliver different types of communications.

​Setting Prices

​Having ​pricing systems in place to set and review your prices will make things so much simpler. Too often ​entrepreneurs drag this task out hemming and hawing needlessly because they're afraid of the wrong decision. Price setting doesn't need to be a big laborious task. The easier it is the more likely you are to sit down, get it done and move on. ​In this module, you'll set yourself up to make setting prices simpler.

​​You'll develop a consistent and repeatable ​set of systems ​that you can use to set and review ​your prices. ​They'll be fit for your business, designed for your customers and aligned with your values. You'll be in a better position to set prices for new products and to know when your prices need adjusting.

Icon with two businessmen discussing business
​talking prices

How you communicate around ​what you charge is ​in many ways more important ​to pricing then the numbers themselves. This is what we'll explore in this last module. One of the most critical ​points is ​that we first need to be clear with ourselves - about our goals, the messages we want to deliver and how. ​Too often we aren't clear with ourselves and therefore ​can't be clear with our customers.

​There are four main areas we will look at. First, the link between psychology and pricing​ and the tactics we can use. ​​The way in which you communicate prices influences what and how people think about ​them. Second, the messaging that goes with your prices - both the written and the verbal communication. Third, your "script" or process when it comes to pricing discussions. Last, addressing the frequently asked questions (or frequent objections) you get from potential clients.

How it works...

​​Speak, Believe and Charge Your Worth Signature programs are delivered in three different ways. Depending on your schedule, your desired level of support and ​how much individual support ​you'd like, you can select how you want to build your ability to charge customers with more confidence.

​Online ​Learning

The online group program is entirely virtual and held on the Zoom platform. It's based on phone, email and online formats so that you can participate from anywhere in the world. In a way that works best with your ​schedule and life.

It includes:

  • an 8-week online journey with ​8 live online sessions. ​Four core module sessions and four Q&A live sessions (​all sessions 90 are minutes, hosted on Zoom​ and will be recorded)
  • a bonus follow up Q&A call. ​A few weeks after the last regular Q&A call we'll have a final one ​to capture your Q's as you ​ start using ​the content.
  • discovery sheets for each of the core modules. ​You can prepare in advance or start working through them on the call.
  • simple yet powerful tools that you can use to implement pricing in your business (note: most are MS Excel based)
  • an online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback

​Workshop Style

​This group program ​includes 4 workshops and ​1 online Q&A session. ​The workshops are currently held in Basel. ​​The workshop style enables a ​tailored group experience get support for your business and support others in theirs.

It includes:

  • an ​6-week journey with 4 workshops (​full day) and ​1 online live Q&A sessions (​90 minutes)
  • ​Actively work on your business in these small group ​ workshop sessions (max​. 10 people)
  • live interactive Q&A sessions are held every other week online via Zoom (calls will be recorded)
  • discovery sheets for each of the core modules. We will use the discovery sheets during the workshops to build our understanding of the concepts.
  • simple yet powerful tools that you can use to implement pricing in your business (note: most are MS Excel based)
  • an online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback 

individual coaching - signature program

​1-to-​1 Coaching

​​Individual coaching via a one-on-one ​sessions with me. We'll spend 6 months ​working together building ​your skills and ​"courafidence" ​in pricing. ​​​It's a personalized experience.​ We'll focus on what's most important for your development.

It includes:

  • ​a 6 month journey with one ​​​1 to 1 coaching ​each month (​sessions ​are focused on what is most relevant to what you need)
  • ​first session features the ​Explore ​Your ​Mindset coaching session (​as needed)
  • Email support ​
  • ​Pricing document reviews, send me your pricing schedule, ​package offers, communications, etc... for review and comment
  • ​Access to​ the content from the group programs 
  • join online Q&A sessions ​from one of the ​group programs (or access them online)
  • join the online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback 

Not sure which option to choose?


In this 30-minute call we'll...

  • ​Review what's working (successes) and what's not (pain points)
  • ​Explore the vision of what you want and where you want to go​
  • ​Identify a couple of ​actions you cant take and ​use right away in your business
  • ​Discuss ​which option might be the best way to work together


​See what others have to say!


I knew that's who could help me

I met Janene at our Toastmasters club. Watching her speeches I saw what it looks like to give 100% and I witnessed her evolution and dedication. I KNEW that's who could help me - she delivers the whole package.

There were two big insights in working with her. First, preparing a little earlier changes the outcome of my speeches. When I know the content, I can focus better on fine tuning the delivery. Second, to only speak on topics dear to my heart.

She has a wonderful ability to provide useful feedback. Her feedback is valid, she can express why she thinks it can help and how. It's always delivered compassionately. Janene has a gift to open doors for people who want to improve.

Fanna Kong - Founder, CEO, Sino-Swiss Business Center

I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong!

Before this course I knew my self-worth but didn't think people would be willing to pay that price. I was too nervous to increase my prices. A week after the course I put my prices up and have seen a positive reaction.

I was undervaluing myself by over delivering and spending more time then stated with clients. As much as I love what I do, it started leaving me slightly frustrated. I had a few clients telling me that for what I give I should increase my price. I was worried if I did I wouldn't get any clients. A client told me to attend this course - I didn't think going would make an impact. Boy was I wrong! The course was fascinating.

Janene, who really is the Pricing Lady, did an amazing job delivering something that could be seen as boring and dull but necessary as interesting. She made it easy to understand and interesting. It left me pumped up. She was poised, eloquent and succinct. I would definitely recommend Janene to any start ups or any one who is having issues with getting their prices right.

Monika Mueller - Image Consultant

Vast experience and an amazing listener

I worked with Janene in different areas of my self development and also pricing for my business. Simply put, she is fantastic. Not only does she have a vast experience in pricing, but she is an amazing listener. She sees every business and person as unique. For example, she showed me how to work with packages for my coaching business. We discussed how to position and talk about them; and I felt more comfortable with the thought of actually selling them. She is experienced, funny and a motivator. If you want to understand the value of what you are selling, feel confident and comfortable with what you are doing I recommend you work with Janene.

Claudia Raine - Career Development Coach

Eye opening the whole way

Janene explains things in a detailed yet easygoing way. She helped me understand prices in a different light that I never would have even thought about it. Before I thought there was one price for almost everything, now I know how to build packages with different prices and actions. I learned about my relationship with money. It was an eye opening the whole way.

Olga Quesada - Marketing

I had problems getting price packages correct; clients always opted for the cheapest offering. I was stuck and (during our speed coaching session) Janene gave me the solution – spot on.

What a “Eureka moment.” I was laughing out loud - as what Janene suggested was so obvious – of course I just couldn't see it myself. 100% ROI.

I felt safe talking to her. She’s totally on your side. I now feel relieved and have peace of mind. Priceless.

Gunnel Berggren - Life and Career Coach

I booked because I wanted to move forward supported by a professional. Pricing is so central to the survival of a startup. I needed help creating and validating what to include in new service packages; also in understanding the “dos and donts” of price formation.

Janene gave the time and tools to review my offering, plus a guide I can use in the future to adjust (or set) and communicate prices from a value perspective more confidently. She’s kind, a professional and follows up until the customer has the help they need.

Juan Lo Bello - Educator, Wine Curator & Pedalling Genius.